Designing Smiles with Advanced and Green Technology!

Did you know that we are one of a few orthodontic practices that use the iTero Element? This is an amazing machine that allows us to take 3D images, create simulated outcomes for patients to see and reduce waste in the office. Instead of using a paste-like substance to make an impression or mould of your gums and teeth (before braces are applied), our iTero Element allows us to avoid moulds altogether using a digital process that’s a lot more comfortable and efficient for our patients. Listen to how our Orthodontic Assistant, Vanessa explains how it is used and how she loves working with this new technology:

“As an orthodontic assistant I really enjoy using the iTero element. The software and touch-screen makes it easy to move around and navigate. I can complete a full mouth scan in under 4 minutes! I can easily manipulate the onscreen 3D image while talking to the patient. The Invisalign Outcome Simulator is also an incredible feature that allows patients to visualize their results immediately. Small and easy to maneuver around the clinic, the iTero Element is also a green technology. There are no chemicals, papers or any waste that needs to be thrown out. The best part is that patients don’t need to go through the uncomfortable process of getting a physical mould of their teeth and there is no need to store any stone models, which saves our growing clinic a great deal of space. The scans are sent immediately to the lab or directly to Invisalign. I have patients thanking me after getting a scan done, for making their experience fast and comfortable.”

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