About Us

“As parents we all cherish our children’s bright, happy smiles. At Westside Orthodontics, we are dedicated to keeping those smiles healthy and beaming!”

– Dr. Colleen Adams, DMD. MSc.

Since establishing Westside Orthodontics in Vancouver over a decade ago, Dr. Colleen Adams has built a successful, reputable and community-oriented practice committed to delivering quality orthodontic treatment with care. As a certified orthodontic specialist and parent of three, Dr. Adams’ experience provides us with a unique and personable approach to helping children and adults boost their confidence and smile to their fullest potential. Results matter, but we also believe in making the process a comfortable, enjoyable and fun journey with our amazing team. Each patient receives a personalized treatment plan designed to their specific needs with a solution that is based on tested and proven techniques. All of our efforts go into excellent patient care.

As members of the community we live and play in the same area as our patients. We believe we have a great responsibility to the community to promote dental health and healthy living.

We’re here to make you smile bigger and smile brighter. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to find out more about us!