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Welcome to our brand new website! We are very excited to see the modern look and updated information on our office. Be sure to also follow our Facebook page (Westside Orthodontics) and Twitter feed (@westside_ortho) for regular updates on what’s new and what’s happening. Don’t miss out on new giveaways, Smile Club prizes and special events for our patients. We are also planning more exciting updates around the office. Exciting times!

In thinking about all that is new…. orthodontics is at the leading edge of the technology integration with dentistry. We have digital x-ray machines that minimize the radiation doses for all of our images and a specialized computer scanner that creates virtual 3D models of our patient’s teeth. Even the braces and Invisalign aligners are improved every year to make the appliances work more effectively and efficiently and be more comfortable for our patients to wear. At Westside Orthodontics we embrace these new technologies and carefully evaluate all of the rapidly progressing advancements to provide the very best care for our patients.

We look forward to seeing you!

Dr. Colleen Adams

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